Paul Alexander is the author of Strangers in the Land of Canaan and Edge, a one-woman play about Sylvia Plath.



“A resurrected Sylvia Plath…. [A] showcase of a lifetime!”

The New York Times

 “From the very first line, writer Paul Alexander has you gripped…. Plath’s mordant wit tumbles from her as if she were Dorothy Parker on a particularly savage day.”

Time Out London

 “The writer-director of Edge is Paul Alexander, whose absolute confidence with his material shines out from Plath’s very first line: ‘This is the last day of my life.’”

The Evening Standard

 “Though Edge offers plenty of biographical detail, it’s more of a psychoanalytic examination of its subject than a history. Set on the day of Plath’s death, it begins with the haunting image of the writer sitting at her desk composing a suicide note, followed by an explanation of the events that lead to her decision. [A] mesmerizing portrayal.”

The New York Post

 “You will not see a finer performance on the London stage or indeed any stage anywhere!”

The Lady Magazine, London

“[Angelica Page is] an actress of the highest possible voltage.”

The Wall Street Journal

“An honesty that recalls the dark fire of Plath’s best poems.”

 “There were no tears, no bathos, and no whining from either actress or playwright, just a steely determination to prove Plath ‘a strong and resilient woman.’”


“Alexander’s play paints a rich, complicated portrait of a brilliant poet.”

The Miami Herald